Engineering Mechanics of Solids by Egor Popov

Sunday, November 28, 2010 by: Pawan Kumar Goyal

Not like journal of the mechanics and physics of solids, This Engineering Mechanics of Solids, Popov book is aimed to engineering students which want to take their selves in depth learning of comprehensive and examination about the subject of solid mechanics.
This Engineering Mechanics of Solids, Popov book doesn’t only describes the basic concepts of mechanics theories and also supplemented by several newly-emerging disciplines, for instance the probabilistic basis for structural analysis, and matrix methods. In the earlier chapters, this second edition provides the fundamental of mechanics theories related to properties of material. Stress, strain and axial of deformation bar is reviewed to acknowledge the readers about the introduction of the material behavior related the strength analysis and formula of calculation.
Finally, this Engineering Mechanics of Solids, Popov book consists of 20 chapters, which additional chapters have been added to provide advanced applied theories in mechanical engineering field, this can be applied in such as Elastic Analysis of Systems and Plastic Limit Analysis.
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