Introduction to Autocad 2011 by Alf Yarwood

Sunday, November 28, 2010 by: Pawan Kumar Goyal

Alf Yarwood’s best-selling text provides a comprehensive, step-by-step introduction to the latest release of AutoCAD. It covers all the requirements of City and Guilds courses in Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Engineering and the drawing modules in BTEC Higher and National Higher Engineering.  After beginning with the basic principles and an introduction to 2D technical drawing, he continues with extensive coverage of all 3D topics such as 3D solid modelling and rendering, taking into account all the new features of the 2011 AutoCAD software. The full-colour, clear presentation makes this the best choice for all beginning students of AutoCAD.

Part A – 2D design:
1. Introducing AutoCAD 2011
2. Introducing drawing
3. Osnap, AutoSnap and Dyn
4. Zoom, Pan and templates
5. The Modify tools
6. Dimensions and Text
7. Orthographic and isometric
8. Hatching
9. Blocks and Inserts
10. Other types of file format
11. Sheet Sets
Part B – 3D design
12. Introducing 3D modelling
13. 3D models in viewports
14. The modification of 3D models
15. Rendering
16. Building drawing
17. Three Dimensional Space
18. Editing 3D solid models
19. Other features of 3D modelling
20. Internet tools and Help
21. Design and AutoCAD 2011
Appendix A – Printing/ Plotting
Appendix B – List of tools
Appendix C – Some of the set variables
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