Introduction to Fluid Mechanics by Fox Mcdonald Pritchard

Sunday, November 28, 2010 by: Pawan Kumar Goyal

Fox & McDonald provide a balanced and comprehensive approach to fluid mechanics that arms readers with proven problem-solving methodology! The authors show how to develop an orderly plan to solve problems: starting from basic equations, then clearly stating assumptions, and finally, relating results to expected physical behavior. This new edition simplifies many of the steps involved in analysis by using the computer application Excel.
Fox, McDonald & Pritchard provide a balanced approach to fluid mechanics that arms students with a proven problem-solving methodology. Students will learn to adopt an orderly approach to solving problems.
  • Providing a fresh look, new co-author Philip J. Pritchard, of Manhattan College, has clarified and improved descriptions and explanations throughout the book.
  • The text emphasizes the control volume concept to provide a practical problem solving approach that is theoretically inclusive.
  • 116 detailed example problems illustrate important concepts; each problem is solved in complete detail to demonstrate good solution procedure.
  • 45 example problems have associated Excel/workbooks that enable students to perform “What if?” scenarios when studying the examples; many of the workbooks can be modified to solve end-of-chapter problems.
  • Students can use Excel to vary problems parameters to gain insight into the behavior of complex solutions.
  • 1315 end-of-chapter problems, with varying degrees of difficulty, provide the opportunity to practice building problem-solving skills.
  • The CD accompanying the text includes: special and/or advanced topic sections for further study that are not include in the printed text, 45 example problem workbooks in Excel, and “A Brief Review of Microsoft Excel” (an introduction to Excel’s basic features, and such advanced features as Solver and macros).

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